The Haitian Institute
Cookbook Project:
The Art & Soul of Haitian Cooking

“…I have tried several Haitian cookbooks but this outshines them all by far… comes the closest to capturing the kind of food one finds in Haiti today, both the ordinary and the gourmet.  The recipes are clear and mostly simple and requirements for exotic ingredients are minimal…”

-- Madison Smartt Bell
Author, All Souls Rising and Masters of the Crossroad

When a Haitian woman excels at cooking, it is said "Li gen dis dwet li" or, she has her ten fingers.  In other words, she knows her way around a kitchen.  The Haitian Institute’s The Art & Soul of Haitian Cooking is a selection of popular and typical recipes, which will undoubtedly help you find your way around the kitchen, too.  The recipes in this book truly reflect the rich heritage and cultural diversity of Haitian cooking.  Most of them are easy to prepare and combine great taste with healthy ingredients.

The Art & Soul of Haitian Cooking is not solely a compendium of recipes but a reflection of the flavors and spirit of a people.  Just as the Haitian people have produced a cornucopia of proverbs and Haitian painters a vast corpus of work, the Haitian culinary tradition is as varied as the Haitian cooks themselves.  We have combined these diverse aspects of Haitian artistic expression to produce a book that is a joyful and colorful celebration of art and food. 

Winner of the first prize in Morris Press Community Cookbook Contest, The Art & Soul of Haitian Cooking “received consistently high marks for the originality and appeal of the cover, as well as the variety of recipes. Judges noted that this was a refreshingly different cookbook with many interesting and appealing recipes. The dividers feature renditions of paintings by Haitian artists. For people less familiar with Haitian culture, this cookbook is educational, as well.”

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Proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will go towards supporting the development of the 1804 Memory Garden