The Haitian Institute

King Christophe's Palace, Sans Souci, in Milot

Welcome to the Haitian Institute's Website. 

The Haitian Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting an understanding and appreciation of Haitian culture and society.  Founded in 1987 in Washington, D.C., the Haitian Institute has held the torch of Haitian intellectualism high.  It has been the conscience of the Washington area community, the keeper of its memory, and the source of inspiration for many.  For those unfamiliar with Haiti's rich traditions, the Institute's many programs provide a glimpse into the bounty that is Haitian culture.  For those Haitians living in the United States and, particularly, for their American-born children, the Institute serves as a vital link to their roots, to the land of their ancestors. 

In fulfilling its mission, the Haitian Institute offers a variety of programs including book discussions, films, art exhibits, lectures and seminars. The Institute has published an award-winning book on Haitian cooking.  Our major project currently is the Memory Garden, a reforestation project being developed in the mountains near Arcahaie.